By Gayle T. Hussey
Granddaughter of Teent Blackwood

The traveling companion of Ella in the photograph is my grandmother, Lavinia Artemesia Blackwood a.k.a. Teente Louise Blackwood, of La Grange, Mo. who was a cousin of Ella, and traveled across the country with her when she was with Barnum and Bailey. She acquired the nickname 'Teente' when she was first born and a neighbor child looked at her and said, "Oh what a teenty baby!" Apparently when she learned her real name, she was so embrrassed by it, that even my mother, her only child never knew it until after she died and Teente Louise had been carved into her tombstone. However she named my mother Charlotte Ella (Bassage). My mother didn't like the name Ella and told everyone her name was Charlotte Eleanor. I have pictures of my mother as a teenty baby taken with Ella and my grandmother and grandfather. In fact I have many photographs which probably should be in a museum.

By Joseph S. Comley

I remember moving from the house, riding in a wagon pulled by horses, loaded with oats and the canned goods from the cellar. I was 5 years old and it was around the month of January, which would have made it 1932. I remember my mother saying the house was hard to heat.

I also recall going to a carnival at Kahoka, Missouri when I was around ten or twelve years old. My brother Harold, friend Hollis Boyer (a relative of Ella's), and I were in front of one of the display tents where we met a midget. He was a funny looking little dude, and that's the way I regarded him. That is until he started to talk – then we knew we were talking to a grown man and we treated him accordingly. He learned we were from the Gorin area and asked about Ella Ewing. Said he had traveled with her and remarked she was a fine lady.

By Lucy Price Haller

Letha (my youngest sister) said many people came to the house when she lived there. They would knock on the door and ask if they could see the Ewing house. Letha was always happy to show them the house and the grounds. She wished she had owned some of Ella's personal things so she could have shown the visitors.

I have also talked to people who remember Ella and remarked how much they liked to watch her large hands shuffle cards.

By Gayle Woodruff
Great granddaughter of Bertha Woodruff

My dad once told me that he would stand with his hands over his head while holding one of Ella's skirts and the skirt would still touch the ground. My dad was 6' tall.


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