Ella K. Ewing, Missouri Giantess; 1872-1923

Abstract of the Thesis
By Barbara Chasteen Campbell

In addition to being an accurate portrait of Ella Ewing, the "Missouri Giantess", this biography is a social history; it shows a picture of rural American life, and the panorama of major events of the era. This background is considered essential to the work, as it illustrates Ella's development in light of her contemporaries. Miss Ewing's exhibitions are fully chronicled on these pages; from her early showings as a timid girl, through her "glory" years with the circus and in great national events, to her later local exhibitions. In conjunction with this narrative, Ella's personality is shown as it, too, developed; from early sensitive timidity, through increasing worldliness, to maturity as a highly intelligent, religious woman. That such a famous person as Ella Ewing should remain an enigma to future generations was unthinkable. This definitive biography, therefore, will remain as a tribute to "The World's Tallest Woman".

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