Our Miss Ella

By Bette J. Wiley


Taken from pages 28 -31

"...This is not a history book per se', about the families of Miss Ewing or about her friends. It is a projection of the memories left to us by them as human interest experiences, with most of the research material coming from her own Mother's private daily log, a worn and weathered, leather bound tablet in which Annie Ewing wrote daily and, at times, bared her very soul, with intimate and traumatic events and experiences, sometimes very tragic, sometimes delightfully comical. She kept notes in it from the time her child was born until the day of her own death.

...That same daily log came into my possession during the winter of 1943. My husband Glen brought it home in a box of junk he had bid on and got stuck with at a household auction somewhere in the Gorin area. When I asked my mother-in-law who Annie Ewing was, she told me that she was the mother of that tall girl who had lived south of town a way. The girl's name was Ella.

...Much of what you will read will be Annie's own words. In some instances I have taken the liberty to put her thoughts into a more readable from. Dates and names of places are all authentic, as are the names of those people I have mentioned, not for historical purposes but as those who actually did exist and were a part of that particular experience."

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