Widely circulated photo of Ella Ewing in her late 30s.
Photo courtesy of Grace Gilbert, Maysville, Missouri.

1872—Born in La Grange, Mo.

1885—First public appearance, Wyaconda, Mo.

1892—First out-of-state appearance, Chicago, Ill.

1892—Appears at World Colombian Exhibition, Chicago, Ill.

1897—Tours East and Midwest with Barnum & Bailey Circus

1898—Joins Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show in New York City

1904—Appears at Louisiana Purchase Exposition, St. Louis, Mo.

1905—Tours West Coast, Canada

1907—Joins Ringling Brothers Circus

1910—Last engagement, Duluth, Minn.

1911—Homebound because of illness

1913—Died at home in Rainbow, Mo.

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