Her House

(Left to right) Jim Herring, (Miss Ewing's uncle, Annie Ewing's brother), Ben Ewing, (Miss Ewing's father), Bertha (Corbin) Woodruff, Ella K. Ewing, Anna Herring Ewing (Miss Ewing's mother). Photo courtesy of Scotland County Library. Information from "Our Miss Ella" by Bette Wiley, page 328.

From the book Our Miss Ella
By Bette Wiley, page 331
Excerpt from Annie Ewing's journal

"Ben and me are so happy to see our Ella stretched out full length on her very own bed, but our joy does not even come close to hers. The delight she feels when she walks though them doors and no need to duck her hear or to bend over, or when she sits in one of her chairs that really do fit her, and the windows! She does love to stand and look out, first one and then the other. It would be sheer luxury for us all except we know where every penny came from that it took to get her dream home."

Her House
House Construction
House Destruction

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